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Colm O’Doherty is lecturer in the Dept of Applied Social Studies, IT Tralee. A qualified social worker with extensive practice experience, he has researched and published in the areas of social policy, child protection, domestic violence, community development, social work, family support and parenting. He is the author of A New Agenda for Family Support, Providing Services That Create Social Capital (2007) and co-editor of Community Development in Ireland: Theory, Policy and Practice (2012) and Learning on the Job: Parenting in Modern Ireland (2015). He holds a PhD from UCD.

Scale of inequality now a drag on our economy and well-being

Colm O'Doherty 09/08/2012

Colm O'Doherty: The results from the Central Statistics Office Survey of Income and living Conditions 2010, released earlier this year, confirmed …

Our problem is not the EU - our problem is ourselves

Colm O'Doherty 29/05/2012

Colm O'Doherty: Earlier this year, in Davos, Enda Kenny spoke about moral failure and its responsibility for our economic crash. He said that easy …

Creating a smart society

Colm O'Doherty 23/03/2010

Colm O'Doherty: The grade inflation in the formal education system controversy failed to get to grips with the critical issue around what constitutes …

A disastrous approach to disaster capitalism

Colm O'Doherty 09/02/2010

Colm O'Doherty: The captivation of our Fianna Fail-led government by the Milton Friedman /Chicago School policy trinity of privatization, government …

Hunter commentators and the vanity of ignorance

Colm O'Doherty 17/12/2009

Colm O'Doherty: It’s true, every cloud has a silver lining. The ongoing political crisis - stemming from the failure of politicians to increase …

Shopping Outside the Box

Colm O'Doherty 04/12/2009

Colm O'Doherty: Last week the Irish Times carried two stories which when examined together provide an instructive commentary on contemporary Irish …

The Fetishists of Farmleigh

Colm O'Doherty 22/09/2009

Colm O'Doherty: The conceit at the heart of the Global Economic Forum at Farmleigh was that it lacked the will and resolve to make any alternative to …

Commission on Taxation Report Another Indicator of Political Crisis

Colm O'Doherty 08/09/2009

Colm O'Doherty: It would be naive to think that a Commission on Taxation composed of political insiders and handcuffed to the taxation equivalent of …

Creating a Truly Democratic Culture

Colm O'Doherty 25/08/2009

Colm O'Doherty: Michael D. Higgins article in the Irish Times on Saturday sought to engage with the real issue facing Irish people – “what sort …

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