TASC - Submission on Unemployment and Youth Unemployment

22 May 2012

Independent think-tank TASC today issued its Submission on Unemployment and Youth Unemployment, prepared for the Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Social Protection and Education. A summary of the document is available for download here.

Commenting on the document, TASC Director Nat O’Connor said that failure to invest in combating unemployment amounted to ‘social disinvestment’ which would cost the economy in future.

“Social disinvestment has fiscal consequences. For example, what multiple of the money saved in cuts to CE schemes will be spent in future years dealing with crime, addiction and other social problems? Many of the solutions to acute unemployment, such as that experienced by lone parents, can be addressed by targeted employment schemes to provide the supports they need – such as childcare and afterschool care – to enter the labour market”.

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