Civil Society for Equality and Environmental Sustainability - SSGT and TASC

30 June 2022

Civil society for equality and environmental sustainability needs to step forward if the major challenges that face our society and world are to be resolved. However, its
capacity to do so has been undermined.

This publication explores the undermining external environment with which civil society must contend, and a debilitating internal disposition within the sector that can result. It looks beyond this current context to chart out new ways forward for civil society to more effectively pursue goals of equality and environmental sustainability, exploring and drawing from the learning in a range of innovative civil society initiatives over recent years.

TASC (Think tank for Action on Social Change) is an independent progressive think-tank whose core focus is addressing inequality and sustaining democracy.

St Stephens Green Trust is an independent social justice grant-maker which works across the island of Ireland, with the primary purpose being to make grants to groups to allow
them to effect positive social change in areas which trustees deem to be critical.


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