What opinion formers have said about TASC


Michael D Higgins

"I strongly support participative decision-making models, such as that advocated in ‘The People’s Transition’, TASC’s report from 2020, which views climate action as an enabler of local development, giving people and communities ownership of the transition to zero-carbon societies, and enhances public support for a just transition by tackling inequality and raising standards of living through the delivery of climate solutions. May I add that policies that promote genuine regionalism can also be a central institutional space for measures leading to a just decarbonisation…

As to our future then, I believe that TASC is among those bodies well placed to play an important role in the great contest of ideas, their sharing, turning into action, that we need to embark, engaging all of society inclusively, to debate the great, fundamental issues that will shape the future direction of public policy in this country…

I have no doubt that TASC will play a crucial role in achieving the social and economic change that is required to deliver the sustainable alternative of which I have spoken."

–   President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, hosts a reception to mark the 20th anniversary of TASC




"For over twenty years, TASC has provided an important, independent voice in Irish society - analysing and advocating for how we can address inequalities and enhance our democracy. TASC is active on the full range of social, economic and environmental concerns today - from housing and climate change to migration and pandemic recovery. Informing and influencing debate and policy - TASC is a champion for equality and positive social change.

So, I warmly welcome that TASC is today launching a new conversation series on a Shared Island - with a focus on building inclusive prosperity based on social and economic equality. This is a goal that needs to be a more prominent part of our shared work on this island in the time ahead"

–   Iar-Taoiseach Micheál Martin, speaking at the launch of TASC's Shared Island Series, 2022



Michael D Higgins

"This is why I am a supporter of TASC so strongly... issues of social justice [and] issues of economic transformation sit so well in relation to climate change. It all has to happen together. In doing it all, you come back to the importance of community. There is nothing more radical than people understanding and taking initiatives. I’m an admirer and a supporter of [TASC’s] work... Think if this example was followed what a great difference it would make"

–   President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, speaking at TASC's Community-led Climate Action event, November 2021



Leo Varadkar

"I do think the work you produce is valuable, it genuinely is evidence based, it genuinely does make a contribution to policy debates... it’s out to try and build a better society, that’s why I really value the work you do"

–   Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, 2021



Michael McGrath

"This is the 20th anniversary of TASC and I just want to commend and congratulate you and all of your colleagues for the work that you’re doing on an on-going basis and for the contribution you’re making to public discourse [and] to public policy formulation. I think your contribution has been really significant"

–   Michael McGrath TD, 2021



Clare Daly MEP

"Total appreciation for the work TASC always does"

–   Clare Daly MEP, 2021



Alan Kelly TD

"I want to take this opportunity to compliment everyone at TASC for their exemplary work and contribution to Irish society. I want everyone to know that as long as I am leader of The Labour Party, we will welcome feedback from you on a whole range of policy issues. You regularly come up in discussions at various different levels with our party because of the work you do, so thank you very much for that"

–   Alan Kelly TD, 2021


Working Partner Testimonials

Carnegie UK Trust

The Carnegie UK Trust worked with TASC to develop an essay collection called ‘Ensuring Good Future Jobs’ with contributions from key social partners including employers, academics, third sector representatives and trade unions. Representing a coordinated response to the Irish Government’s Future Jobs Strategy, the essays described challenges faced by workers in Ireland today and made recommendations for future policy and practice.

Gail Irvine, Senior Policy and Development Officer at the Carnegie UK Trust, said:

‘TASC have a strong network of contacts and they were generous with their advice on how the project could have be undertaken to have the greatest impact. I found the team highly collegiate, engaged and enthusiastic, and receptive to suggestions from me of how to approach the work, allowing for a strong sense of joint ownership of the project. They communicated clearly when delays were possible or issues arising that had to be addressed, including coming forward proactively with practical solutions.’

Community Law and Mediation 

'We worked with TASC in 2019 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The research that TASC contributed was invaluable to the success of our project and we would be delighted to work with Dr Lajoie again'.

"The Legal Implications and the Lived Experiences of the Caravan Loan Scheme"

National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA)

NALA commissioned TASC to develop a framework for supporting literacy, numeracy and digital skills. This framework, Literacy for Life, suggests a Whole-of-Government approach for investing in adult literacy, numeracy and digital skills for an equal and resilient Ireland.

'We enjoyed working with the team in TASC on this project. They were interested in the area and open, flexible and committed all through the project. They have a wide range of contacts and relationships and brought these to the table. They communicated well with us and welcomed feedback all the way through.'


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