TASC Newsletter February 2023


What Can Be Done About Faulty Building

by Paul Sweeney 

Blog Paul Sweeney

Many of the deaths in the recent Turkish earthquakes could have been prevented had there been better laws and better enforcement of the existing lax laws on construction in that country. The Irish government is to spend up to €2.5bn of taxpayers' money in remedying faulty buildings, on top of the €1.5bn of taxpayers' money to be spent remedying the mica building block scandal.The deaths in the Grenfell fire tower in the UK revealed that many high-rise buildings there are dangerous. While we know it is because of poor and unenforced building regulations that these disasters occur, it is worth examining the best remedies to mitigate them in the future.Please read on here

Ballyhoura Community Event

Róisín Greaney - TASC Senior Researcher: Climate Justice

TASC and Ballyhoura Local Development are working in partnership to develop a Green and Just Transition Strategy for the Ballyhoura region. To kick off the community engagement phase of the project, TASC joined Ballyhoura Development’s Winter Networking Forum on the 28th of January in Knocklong, Co Limerick to facilitate a just transition workshop and gather local knowledge and experiences regarding a just transition for the 54 communities that make up the Ballyhoura region.

Over the coming 8 weeks, staff at Ballyhoura Local Development will integrate TASC’s People’s Transition model into all of their upcoming community engagements across the South and East of Limerick and North Cork. For further information please contact rgreaney@tasc.ie 

Fiscal Rules Launch

Robert Sweeney - TASC Senior Economic and Policy Analyst

The EU fiscal rules are one of the most important aspects of EU economic policymaking. The rules, among other things, set out the allowable range of public spending, with vast implications for how we invest in our climate, housing, and other key socio-ecological services. Though much has changed over time and the rules are currently suspended, they have been controversial since their inception. TASC is delighted to announce the launch of a new report on fiscal rules reform in conjunction with its partner FEPS.The launch will take place on the 14th March in Buswells Hotel, with registration details to follow in our next newsletter.

Progressive Policy Network Launch

Robert Sweeney - TASC Senior Economic and Policy Analyst

With more than two decades in public life, TASC engages with Irish society through a range of information and awareness-raising forums - from reports, to blogs, to events, and more. In its work, TASC has drawn on experts over the years through the TASC Economist Network.As TASC has been broadening its areas of interest, the Economist Network will be replaced by the Progressive Policy Network. If you are a researcher, commentator, or other interested party who wishes to be part of the network or contribute through blogs, please get in touch with us.

If you are interested in participating or discussing our research, please contact rsweeney@tasc.ie

Media enquiries should be directed to:

Shana Cohen
Email: scohen@tasc.ie
Tel: +353 1 6169050

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