TASC Newsletter 29 June 2021

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Long-term Unemployment Post Pandemic

TASC Seminar tomorrow at 11am 
TASC is hosting a seminar on the challenges this generation faces in addressing long-term unemployment. We will be joined by a diverse range of speakers including: Brid O'Brien INOU, Tricia Keilthy SVP, Elish Kelly ESRI, Anthony O'Connor Volition and our TASC Senior Policy Analyst Robert Sweeney. Join us for the event which will take place on Wednesday 30th June at 11am. Register here
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A Tale of Two Ireland's: A Divided Debt Society

Over a year into the pandemic, it has become clear that Ireland has a severely divided society in terms of household debt and financial wellbeing. In this blog, Dr Amie Lajoie, Senior Researcher at TASC, reflects on her work with low-income adults in North Dublin and asks policymakers to not remain complacent in terms of supporting those who experience continued financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. Read on here

TASC at the Oireachtas Budgetary Oversight Committee

Sean McCabe, Executive Manager of the TASC Climate Justice Centre represented TASC on the Oireachtas Budgetary Oversight Committee alongside the OECD for a discussion on the cost of climate action. The focus of TASC’s intervention was on the need for state-led investment to ensure that the benefits of climate action are available to all. Sean presentation begins at 26.16 Access the stream here

Build Homes, Build Health, Build Hope: 
7 July 2021 9.30am

TASC are delighted to support and help raise awareness of this event  hosted by our partner Galway Traveller Movement. Discussion will focus on the intricate relationship between health outcomes and housing and other social determinants, in particular for marginalised groups such as the Traveller Community. TASC  is currently working on a project in partnership with GTM on Traveller accommodation issues in Galway City and County.  Keynote speaker: Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme Register here

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