TASC 2023 Annual Lecture Recap: A dialogue with MP Stella Creasy, Orla O’Connor and Martina Devlin


What is the point?

The difference the left can make

MP Stella Creasy, TASC Chair Mike Jennings, CEO NWC Orla O’Connor, Martina Devlin

On 26th September during our Annual Lecture we explored important topics with passionate speakers. Here is a brief recap:


🌟 What’s the point? It lies in the difference we can make when we work together

We emphasised the power of unity, collaboration, and collective action in addressing the deeply rooted national challenges.


🌱 Grassroots activism works - a proven success in Ireland

Drawing from our rich Irish history, we celebrated the successes of grassroots activism as a driving force for positive transformation.


➡️ Being a woman in politics is challenging; being a feminist in politics is even more so

Our speakers shed light on the unique challenges faced by women in politics, highlighting the added complexities of being feminist advocates.


🚀 Progress doesn't endure unless we are rooted in both our values and our communities

We agreed that to achieve lasting progress, we must stay firmly connected to our values and the communities we are here to support.


🗳️ Striving not just at elections or in referendums but every single day for the ideas and actions that are the hard yards of progressive change to become the ‘common sense’

We confirmed that our dedication extends beyond occasional events to the day-to-day efforts required to transform progressive ideas into commonly accepted principles.

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Reel Annual Lecture

A glimpse of our Annual Lecture

CEO TASC Shana Cohen and MP Stella Creasy

CEO NWC Orla O’Connor, MP Stella Creasy, Martina Devlin

Our venue: The Royal Irish Academy, Dublin

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