The Importance of Youth Media Literacy in Fighting Disinformation TASC Event Series - March 2023

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These workshops will offer participants the chance to exchange ideas and stimulate discussions in different breakout sessions, equip them with knowledge about mis-and disinformation, and increase their ability to detect them in both traditional and new media. These workshops will contribute to the development of an EU strategy for media literacy.

The workshops are part of an EU project - ‘Media Literacy for Democracy’, that is funded by the CERV Programme of the European Commission. Media literacy is considered crucial to enhance our ability to engage critically with different media sources and for us to differentiate reliable and accurate information from false or misleading information.

These workshops will provide participants with opportunities to discuss how to recognize dis-and misinformation in traditional and new media, the nuanced means by which this news is spread, what they can do as citizens to ensure the news we consume is accurate and objective.

These workshops will be facilitated by Dr Sara Singleton, TASC’s Senior Researcher for Social Inclusion, and expert guest facilitators. The discussions in these workshops will help formulate an EU strategy for media literacy.

*Participants must be aged 18-35*

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