TASC Newsletter 22 February 2022

TASC Forsa Report 24.02.22

Meet your Open Government civil society representatives - 23 February 7pm

Meet your civil society representatives for a discussion about progress on Ireland's National Action Plan and activities of the Round Table so far. The Round Table is a space where civil society members and public sector representatives co-create Ireland's next and third action plan, based on submissions received during the consultation period. Please register here.

FÓRSA TASC Report Launch - 
The Irish State Post Pandemic 

In partnership with FÓRSA, this new report explores what a state fit for purpose to meet the needs of the Irish population can and should look like as we emerge from the pandemic. It examines state capacity and how it might develop to meet the challenges of care, climate changes, and providing for future economic prosperity through higher education reform. The report will be launched on Thursday the 24th of February with FÓRSA, after which it will be made publicly available here.

Advice Northern Ireland and TASC Partnership

TASC has recently partnered with Advice NI, a membership organisation for the independent advice sector, who deliver a range of advice services to the public including benefits, personal and business debt, immigration, tax credits and other HMRC services.
Together, we are co-hosting an all-island networking event to discuss and explore how Brexit and Covid-19 has impacted the most vulnerable both sides of the border. The event will facilitate a discussion to compare the support, advice services, strategies and needs related to the financial and social resilience of Ireland’s most vulnerable communities. A public event will follow in May or April of this year. 

Essential workers: visible and invisible, organised and unorganised

The pandemic led to a continual discussion of working from home and its consequences for everything from domestic life to urban planning.  However, there has been relatively little discussion of the vast numbers of ‘essential workers’ who had to keep working as before.  Read on here

The Pensions Commission Report
by Prof Jim Stewart 

The Report of the Commission on Pensions presents compelling evidence that the current financing of Social Welfare pensions is not sustainable. Future projected outlays on social welfare pensions will be far larger than projected PRSI receipts resulting in large deficits in the Social Insurance Fund (SIF). The main solutions proposed by the Pensions Commission are base broadening by increasing PRSI receipts and reducing outlays by extending the age of retirement.
Read on here

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