WCIP Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) helps to safeguard the scientific quality of the research project. Members have been invited to join on the basis of their expertise in employment studies.

Throughout the duration of the project the SAB will receive updates on the progress of the project; they will see the interim research reports starting with the four sector reports.

In particular, members will review a first draft of the final report of the project. The report will then be presented to the concluding policy conference organised by FEPS (Foundation for European Progressive Studies) and TASC.


The following have agreed to join the Scientific Advisory Board:

Professor Bill Roche – Professor of Industrial Relations and Human Resources at UCD. Bill is one of the most highly profiled scholars of industrial relations in Ireland.

Professor Séan Ó Riain – Professor of Sociology, Maynooth University. Séan has expertise in employment studies with a particular focus on institutional regulation.

Dr. Michelle O’Sullivan – Lecturer in Industrial Relations, University of Limerick. Michelle’s recent work focuses on the legal regulation of employment; she currently leads a project on low pay in Ireland.

Professor Catherine Casey – Professor of Organisation and Society, University of Leicester. Catherine has a particular interest in the quality of work and new modes of corporate governance.

Professor Andy Danford – Professor of Employment Relations, University of Leicester. Andy is joint editor-in-chief of the journal Work Employment and Society.

Dr. Ivana Fellini – Assistant Professor of Economic Sociology, University of Milano-Bicocca. Ivana has a particular interest on employment in the construction industry, one of our case study sectors.