Tasc are bringing their expertise in tackling inequality and sustaining democracy to bear on climate action.

About Tasc

TASC is an independent think-tank whose core focus is addressing inequality and sustaining democracy. TASC engages in research and public outreach concerning inequality, democracy, and their interrelation in the current political and social environment. Through its work, TASC seeks to increase public knowledge of economic and social policy, improve working conditions, and contribute to positive social change in Ireland and the EU.

About the Tasc Just Transition Centre

The Tasc Just Transition Centre was created to conduct applied research into a fair and equitable transition to a low carbon future and serve as a clearing house for information on Just Transition activities in Ireland and further afield. To date, Just Transition frameworks have been closely linked to the fossil fuel industry. The focus has been ensuring that workers in fossil fuel sectors are not left stranded as the world moves towards renewable energy. However, in other emissions intensive sectors, such as agriculture, the potential for stranded workers and stranded communities resulting from climate action is high. By enabling community’s ownership over climate action and facilitating a planning process that includes just transition measures, decision makers can prevent opposition to climate action while providing for a future that offers both security and opportunity to at risk communities.

The initial focus of Tasc’s Just Transition work will be on understanding how rural communities can seize opportunities to build community wealth and take advantage of the need to act on climate change to develop new businesses and diversify livelihoods. Tasc will bring its expertise in tackling inequality and sustaining democracy to bear on the challenge of ensuring that rural communities enabled to play an active role in sustainable development and the fight against climate change.

About our Key Researcher - Sean McCabe
FEPS-TASC Researcher - Email: smccabe@tasc.ie

Current Research
Sean is developing a workstream on Just Transition. This work aims to identify and address knowledge and capacity deficits that must be overcome in order to include workers and their communities the design, planning and implementation of a fair transition to sustainable economies and societies. The findings will help to inform people-centred climate action and sustainable development in Ireland and Europe.