Corporate Tax and Industrial Policy in Ireland

Issued : October 2018

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This selection of three of the chapters on Ireland from the forthcoming book, Upsetting the Apple Cart: Tax-based Industrial Policy in Ireland and Europe, is provided as a “teaser” to the complete book. The six chapters in the book cover a detailed time-line of tax changes in Ireland and, for broader context, discussion and analysis of the global and especially the European fiscal and industrial policy environments.

The book was prepared with the financial support of FEPS, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies. In addition to the authors, many others contributed in myriad ways and thanks is due to them. James Wickham provided early inspiration; Louis Brennan and Robert Sweeney read and commented helpfully on early drafts of the chapters; Shana Cohen provided helpful advice; Tyler West contributed many hours to copy-editing text and ensuring that the papers submitted looked like book chapters; and Bryan McDonald turned the chapters into a book.

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