About TASC

What we are

TASC is an independent progressive think-tank whose core focus is economic inequality.

What we are for

As a public-education charity (CHY 14778), TASC seeks to raise the level of public knowledge about public policy, politics, economics, culture, the environment and related fields, to encourage a more equal, democratic and inclusive society.

TASC’s mission is to produce policy analysis and present evidence-based proposals for the achievement of a more equal, flourishing society with accountable government and strong, responsible public engagement. TASC's work focuses in particular on proposals to reduce Ireland’s high and persistent level of economic inequality and to develop the genuine participation of people in decisions that affect themselves and their society, as well as an overall commitment to promote social equality and non-discrimination including the nine grounds in the Equal Status Acts 2000-2011.

What we do

TASC's projects (listed under Research & Policy) are designed to analyse issues related to economic inequality.

TASC's major outputs include:

  • An annual Inequality Report
  • Ongoing research on Working Conditions in Ireland
  • Regular analysis of key aspects of economic and social policy
  • A Toolkit to Open Government - a set of ten guides to how government works and how citizens can play a part in decisions that affect our lives
  • A six part RTÉ podcast series, How to be an Active Citizen aimed at helping listeners to be active citizens in their own lives. The series combines real-life examples with practical advice from experts and activists about how our government and institutions work and how we can get involved in decisions that affect us. The podcasts are free to listen, download and share.
  • Our Annual Conference, in association with the Brussels think tank, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)
  • Other seminars, publications and blogs

Join the conversation

TASC hosts regular lunchtime seminars with invited experts and academics in our offices in Dublin 2. Details on upcoming seminars are available on our Events page.

We produce a monthly newsletter, the Flourishing Society, in collaboration with our partners FEPS. This contains a selection of blogs, opinion pieces and podcasts, as well as updates about our projects, events and research. Read past issues of The Flourishing Society. Sign up for the newsletter.

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TASC is the trading name of Tasc Europe Studies Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered Address: Hill House, 26 Sion Hill Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9. Company No. 342993. CHY 14778.

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