Democratic Accountability and Open Government

TASC has a track record in its work on supporting stronger democracy and democratic accountability, from its ground-breaking Democracy Commission in 2003 and the first ever Democratic Audit of Ireland, published in 2007.

At present, TASC’s democracy work is focused on two areas:

Firstly, we have designed a unique  open government ‘toolkit’ - a set of guides for citizens on how government works and how we can all play a part in decisions that affect our lives. We also devlier training to empower community and voluntary sector organisations to use freedom of information law, whistleblower protection, and a range of other open government tools.

Secondly, TASC is playing a role, alongside other civil society organisations, working with the Government Reform Unit in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform to implement reforms contained in Ireland's Open Government Partnership National Action Plan as part of the international Open Government Partnership. See the Irish Open Government Partnership website, and the international OGP website for more details.

Our publications listing also contains our submissions and policy briefs on issues relating to lobbying reform and open government.

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